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The only Physiotherapy Clinic in the Northeast specialising in Orthotics Services


The Orthotist can supply Orthoses for:- 

Ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain 

Pain your heel or ball of your foot 

Achilles or Peroneal tendon problems 

✓  Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs 

Injury prevention 

✓ Shin Splints 

Collapsed arches or Tibialis Posterior tendon problems 

Stress fractures or neuromas 

Customising the fit of running, cycling, golf, safety boots shoes and football boots 

Paula Radcliffe Phits User 2.jpg

Without the support of Phits Insoles, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't have been able to continue my running career. I never run without them, even for walking, they are always in my shoes!


- Paula Radcliffe

Marathon World Record Breaker & Phits Pioneer


Orthotist can provide a comprehensive assessment...

This includes footscaning gait analysis technology of your problem in the Orthotic service in our clinic or as a home visit, we are use Materilise Phits 3D printed insoles as our Platinum standard.


Formthotics are semi bespoke insoles...

These are tuned on-site for your needs by our skilled Orthotist, so you walk away with your new insoles immediately, happy feet, the gold standard.

Off the peg insoles are also supplied depending on you needs, ideal for children’s feet.  

Footwear providers for:

Reed Medical  |  Chaneco  |  Mac123  |  Friendly Shoes

Knee Sprains

Wrist and ankle braces, knee orthoses from knee sprains to off loaders for Osteoarthritis working with Donjoy, Ossur and Thuasne. 

Our Orthotist has worked closely with the NHS and private medical alliances for over 25 years and can bring a wealth of in-depth knowledge to the world of private healthcare. 

This added service is unique to the world of physiotherapy clinics and has had a very positive outcomes for many of our clients who have initially acquired our services based on the physiotherapy side of the business.  

Image by Erik Eastman


We will identify the root cause of your issue and fix it with the minimal number of sessions.

Gait Analysis and Custom Orthotics in County Durham 

Using the Footscan® system together with the revolutionary 3D printed Phits™ orthotic and insole, we specifically design your insole based on your dynamic gait analysis ensuring optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability. 

Footscan® technology allows us to measure specific loading patterns occurring in the foot and ankle during gait. This cutting-edge pressure force platform analyses your gait in walking and/or running and pinpoints the pressures your put through your feet whilst moving. This collects dynamic movement data which creates the design of your 3D printed insoles. 

Phits™ insoles are at the forefront of 3D printing. Alongside the Footscan® technology, we create a bespoke custom orthotic and insole that is designed specifically to help you and your needs. 

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website phits analysis.png

Phits Analysis

Image by Jenny Hill

Insoles For Running And Sports 

Phits insoles can be customised for sports including running, cycling, football, skiing and golf. 

If you are looking to stay active and move well, orthotics are a great choice. They are the best way to make your running shoes fit properly. Most people have one foot slightly bigger than the other and also most people's feet move very differently left and right. This means that running shoes are never a true fit for both feet. With 3D printed orthotics we can make sure your sports shoes precisely fit your foot movement. 

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Used by Professional Athletes...

Phits orthotics are used by professional athletes from sports including running, cycling, football, golf, and skiing, to optimise performance and reduce injury risk. They are one of the , lightest and most durable insoles available.

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