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Assessment, treatment goals, develop a short and long programme using our treatment skills to enable recovery to the best of your ability.

This means we can work with all levels as an individual or Working with Case managers and rehabilitation companies as an individual and a multi-disciplinary team, to aid recovery after surgery, accidents or life changing events. Pain relief, acupuncture, tissue restoration and recovery, exercise therapy and manual therapy to enable you to re-build on your future.

Allied Physiotherapy Bishop Auckland

Common pain that we treat on a regular basis.

  • General Aches and Pain

  • Work Related Pain

  • Sustained Posture Pain

  • Post Injury Pain

  • Rehabilitation and Recovery Pain

  • Arthritic Pain

Our treatments that aid the recovery of these types of pain can be seen below

Manual Therapy | Advice | Exercise Therapy | Soft Tissue Massage | Electrotherapy Acupuncture | Strapping | Orthotic Support | Knee Braces | Ankle Supports | Functional Foot Orthoses | Insoles for the diabetic person.

If you require any more information about our treatments please click here

Don't live with the pain... SIMPLY LIVE
Find out more about our services that will benefit back pain
The only Physiotherapy Clinic in the North East of England
SPECIALISING in Orthotics, Insoles and Braces.
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