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Our Services

Physiotherapist and Orthotist are HCPC registered and graduates of their professions, member of CSP and BAPO. They have a range of skills and techniques to provide a comprehensive service.


A support brace or splint used to support align, prevent or correct the function of moveable parts of the body.

To provide comprehensive orthotic services in our clinic or as a home visit, registered provider for Reed Medical footwear, provider of
Formthotic insoles, Donjoy, Bauerfiend and Medi orthoses.

Locum Orthotics
Locum Orthotist

To provide locum service for companies or NHS short and long-term cover within 200 miles of base.


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness and disability through manual therapy,
movement, exercise, pain relief, education and advice.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine sterile needles into the skin. This process has been used for over 2000 years in China
becoming an accepted form of western medicine since 1970’s. Chinese medicine belief is that energy through the body via channels, which have stagnating creating health issues. Stimulating these points with acupuncture helps to restore the heathy flow of energy through the body by the production of chemicals such as endorphins which help control pain and reduce the sensitivity of tender points in the body.

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Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy

The interactions between nerves, muscles and the skeleton to aid recovery and prevent re-injury. Back Pain, whiplash associated disorder,
sports injuries, arthritis.

Home Visits
Home Visits

Post surgery rehabilitation, diabetic, neurological conditions and complex rehabilitation needs.

Joint Assessment
Joint Assessment
To enable rehab and orthotic provision

A unique service in private practice where Orthotist and Physiotherapist can assess together for a multi skilled approach to get to the root cause and resolve the issue.

One quote Orthotics and Physio and one roof so double the service.

We will identify the root cause of your issue and fix it with the minimal number of sessions.

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