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Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Almost any part of the body can be injured, including the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). The ankles and knees are particularly prone to injury.

If you've injured yourself, you may have immediate pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, and restricted movement or stiffness in the affected area. Sometimes, these symptoms may only be noticeable several hours after exercising or playing sports.

Stop exercising if you feel pain, regardless of whether your injury happened suddenly or you’ve had the pain for a while. Our services cover most sport injuries where our experienced team will ensure  a timely and educated assessment.

Allied Physiotherapy Bishop Auckland

Common pain that we treat on a regular basis.

  • Runners Hip

  • Jumpers Knee

  • Collateral Ligament Strain

  • Achilles Pain

  • Throwers Shoulders 

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Planter Fasciitis

  • Back Pain

Our treatments that aid the recovery of these types of pain can be seen below

Manual Therapy | Advice | Exercise Therapy | Soft Tissue Massage | Electrotherapy Acupuncture | Strapping | Orthotic Support | Knee Braces | Ankle Supports | Functional Foot Orthoses | Insoles for the diabetic person.

If you require any more information about our treatments please click here

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